Why your stone / tile paving is so prone to staining

Most surfaces materials are porous. Some very dense stones such granite are often thought to be impervious to liquids, but leaving a tablespoon of oil on a granite benchtop of paver for a couple of hours will almost certainly leave a very deep oil stain. The oil is literally sucked into the material through millions of microscopic pores or capillaries. Sealing with STAIN-PROOF, our invisible, breathe-able impregnating sealer will make a deep water and oil-repellent barrier within the surface which will permanently solve this problem and make it easier to clean and maintain the surface.

Which sealer is right for your surface?

Choosing the correct product to seal a particular type of stone, tile, paving or cladding can be daunting. Unique molecular technology makes Dry-Treat sealers extremely versatile – so they can be used to seal a very wide variety of porous surfaces. There are some exceptions though, depending on the environment – for eg sandstone paving around a salt water pool requires different protection to sandstone paving on a patio, due to the structural damage which salt can cause to softer, more porous surfaces.