Landscape Construction

Welcome to our Landscape Construction Division

O’Briens have been at the forefront of landscape construction for over half a century. We are recipients of numerous awards and are credited with delivering many of Ireland’s most successful landscape schemes. Our comprehensive knowledge and expertise is sought across the country and we pride ourselves on being the best “.
Barry Evans, Director at O’Brien Landscaping

Parks and Landscapes

We are Ireland’s leading providers of services in parks and garden construction. We have built many of Ireland’s most prestigious and note worthy parks. Most recently, we completed the construction of Coopers Cross, Lime Street, ESB Head Quarters, Central Plaza and Ely Arch. Whether you are simply considering a development or coming to the final stages of construction, we have a service for you.

Commercial Environments

Office and work place environments often present landscape challenges and over the last 50 years we’ve successfully dealt with all of them. Of the huge range of projects successfully completed across Ireland, it is East Point Business Park and Quantum Logistics Park in Dublin which will be most familiar and representative of the O’Brien’s skill in delivering award winning schemes in the most adverse of conditions.

Urban Context

Ireland might be late to the concept of urban greening but we are catching up fast and O’Brien’s are out in front. We have delivered urban soft landscape scheme in everyone of Ireland’s metropolitan areas.

From hotel entrances and courtyards, urban parks, civic and amenity centres, government offices, corporate facilities and everything in between, we have a proven track record of success. Recent completions include Prussia Street, SLX in Stillorgan and Central PLaza.

Roof Gardens

Ireland has been slow to catch on the revolution in green roofing. While it is a legal obligation in parts of continental Europe and the UK its development in Ireland has been somewhat ad hoc.

Regardless, O’Briens have helped to deliver Ireland’s best examples of both intensive and extensive schemes. From complex intensive schemes on corporate and residential buildings to ecologically based extensive schemes on industrial complexes we have the experience to deliver your scheme and the green revolution. Recent roof completions include ESB HQ, Coopers Cross, George’s Dock and Dublin Landings.

Transport Infrastructure

The O’Briens team are considered the go-to people when it comes to advising, delivering and maintaining the soft landscape aspects of Ireland’s green infrastructure. Motorway planting, landscape visual impact mitigation, ecological sound barriers and more recently, the delivering of the LUAS planting project are just a few of the areas we are employed.

Consultancy Services

We can deliver you a world class scheme while also saving you time, money and complications. Our consultancy team can assist you at any point in a project cycle to ensure you are getting value for money. Put our experienced team of contractors, quantity surveyors, engineers, landscape architects and horticulturalists to work on your proposals and just see what we can do.

Historic and Environmentally Sensitive Landscapes

Ireland has a great wealth of historically important landscapes, gardens and an equal number of ecologically sensitives landscapes. Such environments require an empathetic approach underpinned with knowledge, experience and insight. Being the longest establish landscape company in Ireland we are usually the first company to be called in to consult and deliver such schemes.

Such is our experience, that we simply know what will work well and how to effectively approach any project. Most recently we have been involved in the design and construction of Ely Arch and the redevelopment of Adare Manor.