Welcome to BioSense

What is BioSense?

BioSense transforms land management for the protection and enhancement of biodiversity.
We provide:
• Site-specific, nature-led, ecological assessment and monitoring.
• Action plans informed and underpinned by ecological expertise.
• Clear, concise reporting on the ecological and biodiversity value of each site.
• Landscape management and construction services to deliver on action plans.

How does it work?

Each site and each client is unique, so our solutions are tailored. BioSense focuses on your specific objectives in the context of the individual site ecology and biodiversity. Our process works as follows:
• Initial engagement – Defining the scope, scale, and nature of needs. Design of service provision.
• Site assessment – Establishment of baseline metrics
• Monitoring and intervention – Proposal and delivery of protection, restoration, enhancement, and continuous monitoring.
• Reporting and engagement – provision of clear and concise reporting on progress metrics.

Who do we work with?

• Site owners, developers, land portfolio managers, and facilities professionals seeking to monitor, enhance, and report on the ecological value of their land.
• Professionals working in the design, architectural, engineering, and construction sectors seeking to enhance planned, under-construction or completed projects to deliver more for biodiversity protection and restoration.

What do we measure?

We record a range of metrics to assess all aspects of environmental quality and biodiversity in a comprehensive way. These provide the foundation for management interventions and ecological enhancement measures. To ensure we capture a detailed understanding of each site we review the following:
• Site structure and context
• Ecological diversity
• Environmental quality
• Operations and site management

What is the benefit of using BioSense

BioSense puts nature first to create long-term change. We work at the interface between landscape ecology, management, and design to deliver solution-focused biodiversity enhancement which helps to maximise the ecological value and resilience of your site.

How can you find out more?

Please contact Fiona by phone or email to learn more or to book an initial engagement meeting

Fiona nulty “I am passionate about protecting and restoring our natural environment. BioSense combines experience in architectural practice, and biodiversity-led design, with expertise from Ireland’s leading ecologists and landscape specialists, to deliver meaningful and sustained change in the landscape“.

Fiona Nulty, Co-founder at BioSense