Environmental services

Our multi disciplinary team includes Ecologists, Architects, Engineers, Arborists, and Landscape Architects. As such, we can provide you with everything you’ll need to sustainably transform, manage, monitor and report your landscape. We’re dedicated to helping you to improve your landscape in a measurably sustainable way. We specialise in the design, installation and ongoing management of a diverse range of landscape habitats, features, green infrastructure environments and urban scenarios.

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Primary Environmental Support Services

The ecological impact and assessment studies
Environmental monitoring and auditing
Biodiversity assessments
Arboriculture assessments and reporting
Ecological characterisation
Ecological protection, mitigation and system design
Biodiversity mapping
Environmental restoration, development and invigoration
Bioengineering design and installation
Design and decision making support
Facade, roof and structure greening


From informed guidance on how you might improve a project to comprehensive ecological assessment and planning and reporting. We have the knowledge and expertise to help. We provide consultation services to medium and large-scale projects with particular emphasis on increasing biodiversity potential, reducing carbon footprint, increasing resilience and build-ability and impact offsetting

Green infrastructure

We are experts in all aspects of green infrastructure including façade greening, roof top design and installation, urban tree pit design and installation, biodiversity enhancement, flood mitigation and water management, swale design, managed grass land and net gain intervention.


Trees play a fundamental role in addressing environmental issues. From interactions with soil through to carbon capture, habitat creation and pollution mitigation they underpin many of the actions and services we provide. Our team can provide support and services including assessments, reporting, surgury, management, planting, relocation and monitoring.