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If you’re considering how your landscape project might positively benefit the wider landscape, we can help. With over 50 years’ experience constructing landscapes in Ireland we’ve built an in-depth knowledge of how science, technology and practical skill can be combined to deliver quality landscapes that don’t have to cost the earth. We offer a range of services tailored, turnkey services to help you maximise environmental returns from your landscape project.

Primary bioscape support services

  • The ecological impact and assessment studies
  • Environmental monitoring and auditing
  • Biodiversity assessments
  • Arboriculture assessments and reporting
  • Ecological characterisation
  • Ecological protection, mitigation and system design
  • Biodiversity mapping
  • Environmental restoration, development and invigoration
  • Bioengineering design and installation
  • Design and decision making support
  • Facade, roof and structure greening


Service overview


From informed guidance on how you might improve a project to comprehensive ecological assessment and planning. We have the knowledge and expertise to help. We provide consultation services to medium and large-scale projects with particular emphasis on increasing biodiversity potential, reducing carbon footprint, increasing resilience and buildability and impact offsetting.

Green Structures

With industry partners, our expert team design, build, install and maintain bespoke green structures for a wide variety of uses including bus shelters, bike storage, site infrastructure, outdoor classrooms and for just about any conceivable use. Our unique approach allows us to tailor proposals to client needs and site factors. Speak to us today to see how we can green your structure

Tree works

As Ireland’s most well established and respected constructor of sports surfaces we are able to also deliver an inclusive range of maintenance services. We cater for all sports surfaces and include soccer, GAA, Tennis, Bowls and golf courses among our client list. In addition to offering standard surface treatments such as mowing, scarification, aeration and amelioration we are also specialists in drainage installation and maintenance.


Native and non-native flower meadows, along with managed grass, have become popular in the last decade in response to species decline. From residential, commercial and industrial landscapes there has been a huge rise in the interest and adoption of alternative strategies for the traditional mown grass area. As part of our environmental strategy we have become both advocates and experts in designing, implementing and managing of meadow and grass areas. Learn more about the benefits of meadows here. Learn more about the All Ireland Pollinator Plan here

Green walls

From bespoke external and internal living canvases and green walls to façade wiring systems, we pride ourselves on our ability to design and install the right vertical surface greening solution for you. We are happy to provide a full consultation, design and installation service tailored to your needs or can provide a construction and installation team for any designed scheme. You can learn more about living walls here.

Green roofs and over podium greening

We’ve been installing and maintaining green roofs and over-podium planting in Ireland for over 30 years. We are experts in the design and construction of intensive, extensive green roof systems. We can provide consultation services, system and species advice, full design and planning, sourcing, construction and aftercare. Learn more about the benefits of green roofs here.


Swales have become increasingly present in our landscape over the last decade as we seek to find ecological solutions to handling water runoff from developments and changing rainfall patterns. In essence, swales are a low-lying stretch of land designed to channel, slow and absorb water runoff. They can be simple land depressions, hard landscape channels or more complex living elements, akin to dry river beds. We have built a excellent understanding of the design and installation both swales and bioswales and can offer a variety of solutions to suit your needs. Learn more about swales here.

Erosion control and retention

We offer a range of products and services created and sourced to address all erosions and control scenarios. Included in these are rock armour, cell web, mesh and erosion mat systems, hydroseeding, bio retention soil and hard landscape retention walling.

Assessments and reporting

Our network of landscape experts, ecologists and environmental scientists can provide a full suite of environmental assessment and reporting services including visual impact, SEA, EIA, pre-planning advice and Breeam assessments. Our extended team can not only provide all required reporting elements, they can also offer coordinated design and implementation services.

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