Welcome to our tree planting and care division

We’ve been successfully planting and establishing trees for over 60 years. In that time we’ve built an in-depth understanding of how to work with trees to ensure success, regardless of site conditions. We’ve built a deserved reputation as Ireland’s go-to specialists for the selection, installation, and aftercare of mature trees. From streetscapes to rooftops and golf courses to public parks, if you want to ensure tree success then call us today.

Raivis Linins, Urban Tree Installation Specialist with O’Brien Landscaping.

Mature tree installation and establishment

As Ireland’s leading specialists in urban and mature tree installation we understand the complex dynamics, logistics and planning involved in ensuring successful tree establishment. Our on-site and administration support teams work hand in glove to coordinate tree sourcing, installation and aftercare from orginator nurseries across the globe to your site.

Existing tree assessment, intervention and reporting

We are committed to preserving existing and valuable trees in the landscape. Our in house team can provide a full range of services which includes, tree health assessments, landscape tree surveys, intervention, management and monitoring programs, and surgery actions.