Corporate and Social Responsibility

At O’Brien Landscaping we believe that businesses have a vital role to play in building a sustainable and equitable future. Our Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives are integral to our operations and reflect our dedication to making a positive impact on society and the environment. We strive to go beyond profit generation, aiming to create value for all our customers, stakeholders, employees, communities, and the planet.

Charities and the Community

As a family business, rooted in a local community for over 60 years, we pride yourself on connection and delivering for end users. In addition to a number of ongoing commitments to local clubs and initiatives, we also undertake an annual charity project. A selection of these projects can be viewed below. We don’t make a big deal of these actions, but they’re genuinely meaningful for us and the charities we support. You will find information on some of our recent charity build projects here  and here


The value of our business is our people and we do everything in our power to ensure the health and welfare of all staff. And not just day to day but over the life time of working with us. Included in our wellbeing suite are access to our free employee assistance programme which offers counselling, legal advice, addiction services and financial guidance. This sits alongside our constantly evolving health and safety programme. We’ve got lots of programmes and initiatives, but perhaps the most important is our openness to listening and supporting one another. There’s a good reason we’ve had staff stay with us for more than 45 years.

The Environment

We’re at the front lines of biodiversity custodianship and take our responsibility extremely seriously. Our commitment to the biodiversity creation has seen us invest in research and development through Trinity College, new technology and employ in-house ecologists and soil specialists to drive real and meaningful change in the landscape. Such is our commitment to the environment that we have formed a new entity specifically focused on restoration, protection and enhancement. You can learn more about BioSense here.


We have made significant investments in energy reduction, harnessing and use mitigation in the last five years, which is reflected at all levels and perhaps best represented by our transition to electric vehicles and equipment. We have also invested in waste reduction, re-use and recycling facilities at our depot in Malahide.


We foster an inclusive and diverse workplace where every employee feels valued and respected. Our diversity and inclusion initiatives promote equality and ensure that everyone has the opportunity to contribute and succeed.

Health and Safety

In addition to keeping ahead of legislative requirements our commitment to health and safety forms an integral part of everyday life in O’Brien’s. from tool box talks to ongoing CPD, certification and external support and auditing, we want to keep everyone safe.