We install Resin Bound & Resin Bonded surfaces for Driveways, Footpaths, Patio’s and other general hard standing areas. We offer a range of Stone Type finishes

Resin Bound Surfaces

A Resin Bound Surface is where the Ornamented Stone is encapsulated in a clear resin and applied to a concrete or tarmacadam base. ( Can be applied to compacted stone for example around Tree’s to allow water to permeate through ). For Pedestrian applications the Resin / Stone is applied to approx 12-15mm depth and for Vehicle accewss the depth is increased to 15-18mm. With this system the finish is trowled and thus providing a smooth finish.

Resin Bonded Surfaces

Resin Bonded Surface is where a think screed of Resin is applied to the existing Tarmacadam or Concrete and the Stone is then broadcast evenly and allowed to set in the surface of the Resin. The excess stone is then brushed away leaving a more textured finish.