Residential/Light Commercial Grade Landscape Edging

ProLine™ is a complete series of residential/light commercial grade aluminium landscape edgings. ProLine is engineered to allow for effortless installation and creates a beautiful, clean edge in your landscape. Exceptional flexibility allows graceful curves and angles to be readily formed, allowing any landscape design to be achieved with accurate results.

Engineered to maximize design sustainability and provide long-term durability by withstanding the demands of residential and light commercial landscapes.

Designed with a unique, patented stakeless connection system that snaps down to permanently interlock adjacent edging sections – eliminating horizontal separation or possible weak points.

Includes heavy-duty 12” interlocking aluminium stakes that securely anchor it into the ground, providing long-term durability and easy installation.

proline lawn edging 2 Sizes & Finishes

ProLine is available in 16′ and 8′ sections.

1/8″ x 4″  (3.2mm x 102mm) Typically used on residential or light commercial applications. Excellent for curvilinear applications. Straight runs are attainable, but may involve labor due to product flexibility as compared to 3/16″ (4.8mm) thickness.
Proline is available in mill/black.