March 18th 2020

To help limit the spread of the Covid-19 while meeting our landscape obligations, the O’Brien’s team have developed and implemented a number of additional protocols. Included in the protocols are crew and project segregation to reduce cross-contamination, remote working support, and record-keeping processes. The team have also developed a range of responses to various scenarios which may develop on sites.

“The landscape and horticulture sectors find themselves in a somewhat unique position,” commented, Company Director, Peter O’Toole. “Our business encompasses commercial and domestic construction, complex global supply chains, living materials and a wide geographic spread. While we are finding it more difficult to operate, the reality of our business is that with the right measures in place, we can effectively operate without impacting others.”


Links to updated data below. 

  • Latest customer information can be accessed here
  • The latest response protocols can be accessed here

More information in relation to the outbreak can be found at the following locations