Tuesday March 10th 2020

The dedicated coronavirus response team at Peter O’Brien and Sons Landscaping LTD continue to monitor and develop initiatives to help limit the spread of the virus. “The situation appears to be developing rapidly,” commented Barry Lupton. “We are working closely with staff and colleagues in the landscape sector to develop effective protocols to ensure continued safe operation on our various landscape construction and maintenance sites. In addition to introducing more stringent landscape operation protocols, we have also developed internal communication systems and processes to ensure staff are kept up to speed”. The new measures include strict hygiene protocols, the provision of additional hand sanitising materials and centralised communications.”In order to successfully navigating this situation, we need to have everyone operating on the same page, following clear instructions and being focused on the same goals,” explained Barry. “As a family business involved in horticulture and landscape, we’re used to working closely with it other. We’re lucky that it comes naturally to us.”

Commenting on the commercial reality of the unfolding situation, Managing Director, Ciaran O’Brien said; “We’ve been operating for well over 50 years and have come through many challenges in that time. This will be no different. As always, we will fulfil our obligations, pay our bills and exceed expectations.”

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