O’Brien’s are Ireland’s official distributors for Ritter, a world leader in landscape products. On this page you will find information on Ritter’s ProGrass reinforcement system and a selection of other unique stabilization products. Click on the images below to download technical brochures or read below for general information on ProGrass. Contact us for further information on supply and or installation.

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Ritter ProGrass product information.

  • Optimal stability through the honeycomb structure. Load capacity approx. 100 tonnes per m² (LGA Bayern 79202396 and MK 3503513)
  • Anti-skid structure
  • Connecting holes between cells encourage interlinked root formation, nutrient exchange and even water percolation
  • The special connection system and the open side walls at the outside edges prevent displacement of the panels. The panels mutually stabilise the height of adjoining elements.
  • Recycled HD-PE material, UV-stabilised
  • Firm anchoring to the soil using soil spikes
  • The honeycomb structure protects the lawn carrier layer from compaction
  • Cross-rooting holes between the cells provide improved growing conditions

Possible applications

  • For areas in use where nature-friendly greening is required and desired with corresponding capability to handle loads and to maintain a high capacity for percolation
  • Parking areas with low frequency use, e.g. in private areas, residential areas
  • Parking areas used temporarily
  • Fire brigade access routes in accordance with DIN 14090/DIN 1072
  • Service roads
  • Parking areas for cars, caravans, boat trailers, sports aircraft, etc.
  • Access routes to children’s play areas (replacing sand)
  • Helicopter landing pads
  • Golf-cart routes (elastic version)
  • Cemetery facilities
  • Stabilising embankments and banks of lakes and rivers
  • Percolation strips along take-off and landing runways
  • Underground car park roofs, as greened fire brigade access route
  • Further applications on request!

Special applications:

Separation layer for beach volleyball areas
Separation layer for sand-boxes


  • Cost-favourable transportation due to low palette weight
  • Easy cutting, saving time and costs, using standard tools (saws, grinder, compass saw, ribbon saw or skiving device)
  • No use of machines when laying due to the light weight of the panels
  • Simple filling on account of narrow interval webbing
  • Immediately able to take loads once laid
  • Immediate greening using rolled turf possible
  • Simple marking of areas in use with marker plugs

Ecological aspects

  • Lawn component approx. 90%
  • Prevents sealing of the soil, since a large proportion of the surface remains capable of percolation.
  • Protects the substrate against compaction.
  • The material is environmentally neutral
  • Once the surface has been greened, it is practically invisible
  • Manufactured from recycled material
  • The honeycomb panels can be recycled again
  • Cut-aways in the cells facilitate root formation between cells, thus optimising nutrient exchange and surface drainage.