The Sanctuary Field Garden was installed in 2021 at the renowned Sanctuary Centre in Dublin 7. The garden, designed by Róisín Byrne, is a nature-based, urban space intended to provide for nature and people to coexist in harmony. “This was a really nice project to be involved with,” commented, Ciaran O’Brien. “I know the landscapes we create offer everyone a chance to engage with nature, but this was very special. The team were amazing to work with and our guys loved realising Roisin’s vision for the space.”

The garden centres on a focal labyrinth formed with biodiverse meadow species and framed with native and pollinator planting. Commenting on the design for the space, Roisin said, “My first intention is that the gardens be a beautiful place of peace, for walking, sitting, where the contemplative practice is possible alone or in groups within the Sanctuary community of action. I also intend the gardens to be a haven for biodiverse life. By choosing to be inspired by nature to plant organically, for life and by choosing to grow some fruit ourselves in the city, these choices affect the interconnected wellbeing of nature, of which we are part”.

About the Sanctuary

The Sanctuary is a meditation centre for social change in the heart of Dublin City. It is a charity founded by Sr. Stan Kennedy in 1998, long before meditation or mindfulness was on the tip of everyone’s tongue. Most importantly, it was inspired by Stan’s own personal practise of contemplation and meditation and its ability to sustain Stan in her commitment to work with homeless people and her other social innovations. The Sanctuary originated with a focus on personal well-being; and indeed continues to offer courses on yoga, mindfulness, meditation and drop in sessions for those seeking to maintain their balance: both physically and mentally. However, what is most inspiring is the way the Sanctuary reflects Stan’s mission for social change. The Sanctuary has evolved organically over the years to include mindfulness programmes for schools, programmes for carers and those working on the frontlines of society. Moreover, it offers tailored programmes for commercial organisations, charities, workplaces and management teams. All its courses are inspired by a deep and heartfelt wish and vision to change culture through compassionate action, ultimately helping to create a more resilient society.

You can learn more about Roisin Byrne’s work here and you’ll find the Sanctuary website here. Sincere thanks to John and Jane for sharing the video below

A short video of the construction