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PermaStrip™ is a series of semi-rigid, L-shaped aluminum maintenance strips specifically designed to make straight runs and gentle curves bordering buildings, fences, and maintenance areas. PermaStrip is easy to install in perfectly straight applications or gentle curves, and is designed to maintain its integrity over the lifetime of the project. Click here for more technical information

ProLine™ is a complete series of residential/light commerical grade aluminum landscape edgings. ProLine is engineered to allow for effortless installation and creates a beautiful, clean edge in your landscape. Exceptional flexibility allows graceful curves and angles to be readily formed, allowing any landscape design to be achieved with accurate results. Click here for more technical information

Onyx™ is the revolutionary narrow profile plastic landscape edging engineered from a durable Rigid PVC. Onyx utilizes a unique, patented sliding connection system that allows the two ends to stay securely connected with the addition of the locking stake. Extreme flexibility allows for graceful curves, resulting in an eye-appealing, long-lasting landscape design. Click here for technical

CleanLine™ is a complete series of commercial grade aluminum landscape edgings designed to function in professional landscapes. CleanLine is engineered to maximize design sustainability by withstanding the demands of professional lawn maintenance and high volume pedestrian traffic. Click here for technical specifications

YardEdge™ is a professional quality aluminum landscape edging designed for use in residential landscapes. YardEdge incorporates many of the features of our premium commercial product lines in a lighter, more cost effective material. Known for its quality, ease of installation, and long-term durability, Click here for technical specifications

BrickBlock™ is an economical aluminum paving restraint system that is designed as a permanent, reversible edging that is easier to install and out-performs plastic, PVC and steel systems. BrickBlock has two base options, each allowing one part to be used for both straight and curvilinear applications. BrickBlock’s low profile promotes healthy turf growth, and allows for irrigation heads to be placed along the paver’s edge. Click here for more technical information

Asphalt Edge has been designed for use as a simple architectural edge to tarmacadam but is used more and more to edge other hard paving material such as concrete and natural stone. The most popular sizes for the Asphalt Edge are 25, 50, 75 and 100mm heights. Discrete sliding connectors allow for a seamless joining of the pieces. Click here for more technical details