It was a real pleasure for the O’Brien’s team to work hand in hand with Dublin City Council, Daibhi Mac Domhnaill, The ALCI, Bord Bia and The Irish Hardy Nursery Stock Association to deliver the Urban Parkelt at this year’s Bloom in the Phoenix park. The Parklet, which was collaboratively designed and implemented by the team utilized salvaged materials to create a modern Dublin streetscape with parking areas replaced with a bioswale, tree planting, and low water use plant species. The scheme also included interpretive posters with pictures of residents taken at a recent community greening group. “We’re currently involved in greening the Whitefriars area of Dublin,” commented Deirdre Prince from Dublin City Council. “Greening our city is about trees and plants of course, but it’s about people too. We wanted to put people at the heart of the parklet. To bring their stories to the event.”

“The team came together at the last minute and really pulled it off,” said company Director, Barry Lupton. “It wasn’t without its challenges but then true collaboration never is. The parlet provided a really engaging interpretive feature at the show, allowing attendees access to the space and the people who make these schemes happen on the capital’s streets. We do this work every day in real life but never really get the opportunity to dialogue with the people who live on the streets. We’re delighted to have played our part.” 

“The green cities movement is transforming Europe and Bord Bia are proud supporters of it,” commented Michal Slawski of Bord Bia. “In many ways, the parklet project represented the realities of greening our cities insofar as it needs everyone on board with a shared vision and one which benefits us all. We were delighted with the outcome.”

Below is a  selection of photos from the build