As landscape contractors, we are one of the most important custodians of the Irish landscape. In many ways, we represent the front lines between advancing development and diminishing natural landscape. We have one foot on the paving and one in the soil, and we take our responsibility very seriously.

“As a society, we are only just coming to appreciate the value of the environment around us and while landscaping can be perceived as a green business, there is always more we can do,” explains Landscape Maintenance Manager, Andy Jones. “We are constantly striving for ways in which to improve the landscape, reduce negative impacts and encourage our customers to adopt environmentally sensitive practices. Our move away from petrol and diesel for machinery is another step in the right direction”.

les trialing the new mowersThe latest in a series of environmental investments from the O’Brien’s team comes in the form of a variety of battery-powered mowers, strimmer and hedge cutters. “The financial investment is significant for the company, but we have to get on. We are Ireland’s leaders in promoting sustainable landscape practices and if it means absorbing the initial cost, well so be it”. In addition to reducing airborne and noise pollutants, the new equipment provides for greater flexibility and manoeuvrability. “The battery backpacks are very light and avoid the need for extensions or for carrying flammable liquids in company vehicles. Many of our customers are really on board and are making their own investments in recharging infrastructure,” says Andy.

In the coming months, the O’Brien’s team will be rolling out further initiatives and investments as part of their environmental strategy.