cleanlineWe first took on the agency for the Permaloc Range of landscape edging about fifteen years ago when we identified with the convenience and practicality of the range. Permaloc offers a range of products which addresses the treatment of edges in all aspects of hard and soft landscaping. They provide the alternative to the traditional materials such as timber and concrete. All the rage come with their unique method of joining together as well as the anchor pins for easy installation. With the exception of Onyx, which is plastic, all the Permaloc products are manufactured from recycled aluminium and all come in convenient 2.4m lengths.

The lawn edge products, Permstrip, Cleanline, Proline, Yard Edge and Onyx, are easily installed to either a new lawn or retrospectively to and existing one.  These products provide and maintain a sharp edge to the lawn without the need to carry out the laborious tasks of cutting and chopping the edge of the lawn every time the grass is cut. They maintain a neat edge by means of the mower cutting the excess growth as it travels over the edge. It seems senseless to spend money on and put effort into installing a good quality lawn without putting a good edging product in to ensure it remains looking its best. The sharpness of the edge is as important as the quality of the grass itself.

permastripPermastrip provides the ideal edge to gravel or any loose material footpaths or borders. It is ‘L’ shaped in section which provides additional strength. The base of the edging is ‘V’ notched which allows it to be curved without kinking as well as holding its shape.

Asphalt Edge has been designed for use as a simple architectural edge to tarmacadam but is used more and more to edge other hard paving material such as concrete and natural stone. The most popular sizes for the Asphalt Edge are 25, 50, 75 and 100mm heights. Discrete sliding connectors allow for a seamless joining of the pieces. Click here for more technical details.

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