st john of god garden Once a year, O’Brien Landscaping undertake to create a garden space for a worthy cause. In the past we’ve designed and constructed gardens for St Michaels’s House, Beaumont Hospital and St John of Gods. We undertake these projects at our own cost and because we can. We contribute positively to the community, and we feel great for doing it.

Project 2022. This year we are creating a garden for a St John of God residential home in Glenageary. The residence is the permanent home for a number of men with an intellectual disability and we hope to significantly improve their lives through the creation of a multi-use garden with three separate areas. including a central patios space, retreat area and conversation bench. The garden will also feature raised beds, planting and a central artificial lawn. This year we are also exploring the potential of including new double-door access to the garden; something that is sure to dramatically impact how the garden is used. You can download a plan of the garden here.

Our partners. We typically undertake these projects on our own, but this year several of our close industry partners are getting on board to show support. We’re delighted to have Sanctuary Synthetics, Clonee Sawmills, Kilsaran, Pannebakker, Drogheda Sales and Hire, Panda and Senator Windows contributing to the project.

The garden will be constructed over the course of a week under the project manager, Raivis Linins and with the help of the entire O’Brian Landscaping team. The build kicks off on August 8th 2022 and we’ll report back on progress.

Participating. If you would like to get involved, please contact Barry at or on 086 389 2067.

Our 2022 industry partners

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