BioSense. Making places -Making Nature-Making Sense

Biosense logoWhat is BioSense?

BioSense is a phased project targeted at increasing potential economic, social and environmental returns on commercial landscapes by aiding the development of performance standards for nature-based solutions. The project is a collaboration between Trinity College Dublin (Nature+), O’Brien Landscaping, end users and is supported by Enterprise Ireland. The team includes Marcus Collier, Fiona Nulty and Barry Lupton.

The intention is to deliver data and methods to inform the development of approaches, products and services, which contribute to maximising economic, social and environmental returns.

Understanding the context for BioSense?

The negative impact of development on the health of the biosphere is well known. The exact nature, scope and scale of impacts are beginning to be understood but we have a long way to go. Climate change, pollution, biodiversity loss, the breakdown of social cohesion and our own mental and physical health are all being negatively impacted with the reduction in the quantity, scale and quality of green spaces. Future generations are going to pay a heavy price for inaction.

The situation is further compounded by the sheer complexity of issues at hand, competing agendas, and the challenge of making sense of positive action so it can be successfully implemented by all the various stakeholders

As Ireland’s leading landscape construction company, we do a lot to positively contribute to the landscape, but we can do more. Operating at the interface of the built environment and the natural world, we view ourselves as custodians of the landscape and feel a great sense of responsibility. While we have taken huge steps to improve our environmental performance, our investment in the development of BioSense marks a significant turning point. A first in Ireland, BioSense draws together our collective knowledge, built over the last 60 years, with Ireland’s foremost nature-based researchers and the owners, operators and users of commercial landscapes.

Wider benefits

As the project develops, we hope it will confer a wide variety of benefits for the industry including setting industry standards and certifications; the development of decision-making tools for providers and end users; opportunity for knowledge and skill capacity building to improve Ireland’s ability to meet obligations and aspirations; and through dissemination increased awareness, appreciation, and value of making informed environmental decisions. Given the environmental focus, the products, services, and knowledge generated will be of global interest and application.

Getting involved

We are always happy to hear from interested stakeholders who wish to participate, learn or benefit from the work we are doing. Feel free to contact Barry or Fiona and they will follow up.