Ritter ProGrass

O'Brien's are Ireland's official distributors for Ritter, a world leader in landscape products. On this page you will find information on Ritter's ProGrass reinforcement system and a selection of other [...]

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Grass Reinforcement Systems

A Grass Paving system designed for car parks, overflow car parks, hard standings, access roads, access tracks, golf buggy tracks & golf courses, caravan hard standing pitches & parking, caravan [...]

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Bespoke features and furniture

We specialise in the bespoke design and manufacture of outdoor features/furniture such as water features, water displays and sculptures. Our designs are natural & contemporary, and are suitable for domestic [...]

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Synthetic Grass

Xtreme Lawn Natural 35/150 Xtreme Lawn is designed for landscape use and consists of a tufted blend of polyethylene monofilament fibres with thatch on a reinforced multi-layer backing. This product [...]

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Winter Products/Services

We Provide a range of winter services including De-Icing and Leaf Blowing along with collection. We provide plant friendly De-Icer and Winter Salt, either bagged or in bulk. We also [...]

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Sundry Landscape Items

We provide the following sundry landscape items: Tree Ties Tree Stakes Synthetic grass New Oak Railway Sleepers Bark Mulch Topsoil / Screened Soil Lightweight Soil / Compost Soil Mix Compost [...]

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Stone Sealers

Why your stone / tile paving is so prone to staining Most surfaces materials are porous. Some very dense stones such granite are often thought to be impervious to liquids, [...]

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Resin Bonded Surfaces

We install Resin Bound & Resin Bonded surfaces for Driveways, Footpaths, Patio’s and other general hard standing areas. We offer a range of Stone Type finishes Resin Bound Surfaces A [...]

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Loksand Grass Stabilizer

Loksand® is the very latest step forward in turf technology. By mixing a 'crimped' fibre with sand to provide stabilisation of the root zone, a shock-absorbing affect is created offering [...]

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Landscape/Lawn Edging

We have the right range of Landscape Edging and Lawn Edging for any garden. All our edging products are easy to install yourself and once in, will make your garden [...]

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