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gregg fanning “Peter O’Brien and Sons Landscaping are national leaders in the provision of invasive species control and eradication services. With over 50 years experience dealing with problematic plant species, we’ve built an unmatched level of experience and infrastructure. We cater for all terrestrial scenarios from large parklands, roadways, commercial properties  to small domestic situations. If you’re concerned that you’ve got an invasive species on your propriety, call use today and we’ll get it sorted.”. Gregg Fanning, Head of Invasive Species Services.

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If you are concerned that you may have a problem with an invasive species then the first action is to seek professional advice. We offer a consultation service whereby one of our invasive species experts will visit with you and assess the problem. Our team may provide specific guidance on work you can carry out yourself to manage the species or suggest a tailored service which we can provide.


ite Surveys

Sound information informs good decision making and a professional site survey is a vital component part of any treatment programme for controlling invasive species. The O’Brien’s team can provide comprehensive site survey in which we will report on the the exact nature and scope of the invasive species problem. The survey report wil also include a comprehensive set of tailored solutions. While surveys are best conducted as far in advance of any development as possible, the team can undertake assesments at any time and we pride ourselves on providing a rapid response.



If you are intending to undertake works in proximity to to an infestation and have  have any concerns, the O’Brien’s team can provide trained staff to supervise site work. Such supervision can help to stop or reduce the spread of invasive species. It can also help to reduce overall costs, for instance, where a contractor wishes to utilse their own staff and construction equipement for excavations.



Invasive species in Ireland can be treated in a number of ways and the type of treatment used depends on the nature, scale, species and location of the problem.

For small scale infestations we can provide an effective herbicide spray treatment. Such treatment will be effective over one growing season on all species with the exception of Japanese knotweed, which may take two growing seasons.

In the case of knotweed, and in particular, where infestations are well established and located close to desirable tree species, we can provide a stem injection service. This involves injecting a specified dose of translocating herbicide directly into the stems.

Excavation and removal is a process which involves digging out the infected area to a depth of 3m and the safe removal and disposal of the spoil to a licensed landfill. This method is often employed on development sites where time is an important factor.

Excavation and encapsulation involves the excavation of infected soil to a depth of 3m and burying it onsite at a depth of 5m. The spoil is then encapsulated within a specialist membrane. This type of encapsulation is often utilsed on large commercial sites. Works are often undertaken by primary building contractors with supervisory from experts.

All herbicides and application processes are approved for use and in line with national and EU regulations. Staff are fully trained, licensed and insured.

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